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We help high-achieving corporate professionals break free of the default path to maximize their individual freedom and potential.
(Hint: you don’t need to leave corporate)

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5 Shifts High-Achievers Use to Escape the Corporate Hustle, Reclaim 30-50% of Their Time, & Do Work They Love


Hi! I’m Matt

Matt is a worldwide transformational coach — helping burned-out corporate professionals create freedom and live Uncaged. Inspired by 15 demanding years in management consulting, he helps high-achievers build a career and life on their terms. Matt is a husband, father, speaker, and entrepreneur.

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“I love the process of envisioning your badass life. When you delete today’s constraints and fixate on a 10X better career and life, your entire worldview changes.”

Kason Morris

“Matt brings the heat with his work, and life wisdom provides a healthy punch to the gut within all the bland career development ‘noise.’ He helps you design a fulfilling and “uncaged” life!"


“My favorite thing about working with Matt is that he's always positive, and he is not afraid of challenging my thoughts and pushing me outside my comfort zone.”


Build a career and life on your terms

Many people are trapped in the Corporate Cage — a dangerous position where work dominates their days and personal lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can direct your corporate experience and unlock a life of freedom, right where you are.

Uncage Yourself brings forward the guests, stories, and strategies to make it happen.

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