Graduate Corporate for Entrepreneurial Freedom.

We help senior corporate professionals break free of the default path to maximize their freedom, income, and impact
(...without sacrificing their time or paycheck)

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How to Leverage Your Corporate Career for Entrepreneurial Freedom


Hi! I’m Matt

I'm a Freedom Coach — helping burned-out corporate professionals live Uncaged. Inspired by 15 demanding years in management consulting, I'm obsessed with helping high-achievers build a career and life on their terms. Matt is a husband, father, speaker, and entrepreneur.

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“When I was burned out, I thought I had to just go venture out on my own [and leave my stable job]. But I soon realized there are ways to have the best of both worlds.”


"It was C-Suite or die. I was a mess. Matt helped me step back and completely reinvent my relationship with work. Now I feel so free and in control."


"Working with Matt fundamentally changed my life. Now I see my job simply as a tool to create the life I really want."


“I can literally feel the new neural pathways lighting up in my brain. Matt’s coaching gave me a clear framework for freedom that has clarified how I'm approaching life — literally.”


“I realized that if I stay on the same path, nothing will change. I’ll end up full of regret. Now, I understand how to be extremely intentional with my days. I’m creating the life I want.”


“I immediately felt freer. [Our coaching experience] gave me a sense of ownership in my day…and helped me live uncaged.”


Build a career and life on your terms

Many people are trapped in the Corporate Cage — a dangerous position where work dominates their days and personal lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can direct your corporate experience and unlock a life of freedom, right where you are.

Uncage Yourself brings forward the guests, stories, and strategies to make it happen.

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