No more being Caged by your job

Live Uncaged by:

  • Owning your 9-5

  • Designing your badass life

  • Igniting your entrepreneurial self

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Maurice Philogene

“I am a lifestyle design enthusiast, especially when it comes to living Freedom-Principled lives. There aren’t many who grasp what it means to live a freedom-filled life. But Matt is one of those people. He delivers powerful strategies and tactics for you to live your best life while putting work in proper context.”

Mike Gardon

“If you are stuck in a job that you don't like, and you are dreaming of a better way, a better way to live, more intentionally, more free…this is the way.”

Kason Morris

“Matt brings the heat with his work, and life wisdom provides a healthy punch to the gut within all the bland career development ‘noise.’ He helps you design a fulfilling and “uncaged” life!"

How to Leverage Your Corporate Career for Entrepreneurial Freedom